Triumph Over Suffering

We are the clay; You are the Potter.        – Isaiah 64:8

Frequently Asked Questions and Tech Support

Q:  When I watch the video, it is stopping and starting, stuttering, jerky, or says “buffering”.

A:  Some web browsers appear to play the video better than others.  Mozilla Firefox seems to be the best.  Other browsers that work well are Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.  AOL (America On Line) seems to be problematic for some.  Another web browser (not tested with the class yet) is Netscape Navigator.

If you are not on Firefox, you can try downloading Firefox to see if the video will play better.  
Firefox for Windows
Firefox for Mac
Firefox for Linux

Downloading is free.  This is the official Firefox website so it is safe.


What is a web browser?
What web browser am I using?
I don't click on an icon.
What if I am on Firefox and it is still stuttering.